Windows 10 has surpassed Windows 7 for the first time, according to analytics firm StatCounter.
In a presser released today, the company says that according to data gathered in January 2018, Windows 10 reached 42.78% in terms of worldwide internet usage, compared to 41.86% for Windows 7, 8.72% for Windows 8.1, and 3.36% for Windows XP.
Microsoft launched Windows 10 in June 2015, two and a half years ago.
This marks the first time when Windows 10 is ranked as the most popular Windows version in StatCounter's ranking, at least globally. Windows 10 became the leading Windows version in some national markets some time ago. For example, Windows 10 overtook Windows 7 in the UK in June 2016, and in North American in June 2017.
But there's currently no consensus on the numbers. Fellow analytics provider NetMarketShare did not record the same figures. The company still records Windows 7 as the top-ranked Windows version with a market share of 44.81%, followed by Windows 10 at a huge distance of 28.19%. Windows XP is third with 7.27% and Windows 8.1 with 6.41%.

Either way, the trend in NetMarketShare stats is that Windows 7 numbers are going down, while Windows 10 is gaining new users each month.
With Windows 7 end of extended support nearing ?January 2020? more and more companies are making the switch to Windows 10.
The StatCounter and NetMArketShare numbers are not extremely accurate, as they only include Windows users that surf the Web, meaning many computers are left off the stat sheet. Nonetheless, these are the best numbers we'll get, as Microsoft has not released any similar figures.